MUVJBL Newsletter 16

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VC, VJL & Regional Round 16 (Rd 6 VC)

The closer we get to the finals, the more intriguing some sections get with teams who were virtually out of contention emerging as a chance of finals participation. This is due to results from games going their way with teams expected to win being upset by teams lower on the ladder.

Congratulations to Western Port (2) in 16 E1 Girls and Warrandyte (3) in 16 E3 Boys both teams won their first game of the season. A couple of close sections this week 14 VJL4 Boys all games under 9 points, 16 VJL4 a tie and 3 games decided by less than 3 points. 16N3 Girls 2 draws and a five and three point games.


Which teams will make Finals?

VJL Boys

In 12 VJL1 Pool 1 the top five will not change; only positions in the five will.

12 VJL1 Pool 2 the top four teams are safe and Camberwell, Eltham (2) or Diamond Valley (2) will join the top five after round 18.

12 VJL2 Pool 1 the top five look safe, however Werribee (2) would need to defeat teams in the current top five to sneak in and hope Bulleen (3) drop both games.

12 VJL2 Pool 2 again the top four look safe with Frankston (3), Dandenong (3) and Sandringham (3) in the mix for the elusive fifth place.

14 VJL1 the top five won’t change but the fight for the double chance has 4 teams in the mix with only one point separating 2nd-5th.

14 VJL2 the top four are safe but Dandenong (2) is in the hot seat with Ballarat, Werribee (2) and Broadmeadows waiting in the bleaches for them to slip up in the remaining two games.

14 VJL3 Top five set in concrete.

14 VJL4 Pool 1 again the top four are safe with Melbourne (3), Knox (3) and Sandringham (2) will battle it out for 5th place.

14 VJL4 Pool 2 top three teams are safe but the tussle for the remaining two spots are up for grabs with Coburg, Eltham (3), Collingwood and Bulleen (3) hoping to snare one of the vacant positions.

16 VJL1 again the top four are secure but the battle for fifth spot is open for the taking with Geelong, Keilor (2), Hawthorn and Frankston all in contention for the 5th spot on the ladder.

16 VJL2 top five will not change only positions may vary.

16 VJL3 hard to see the top four altering, Casey currently fifth need to win one more game to hold fifth place from Melbourne (2) which must win both of their games to oust Casey from 5th place.

16 VJL4 Pool 1 the current top three teams all will get the double chance with 4th & 5th place still up for grabs with Westgate, Werribee (2), Bulleen (4) and Eltham (3) the teams fighting it out for finals action.

16 VJL4 Pool 2 top four teams are safely entrenched with Hawthorn (2) and Bulleen (3) battling it out for the last of the double chances, fifth place will be between Warrandyte (2) and Waverley (2) both have hard games to finish the season.

18 VJL1 top five will not change but their will be a good battle for the double chance with 3rd-5th currently all on the same points.

18 VJL2 Westgate and Knox (2) should hold the top two spots with another four teams still in with hope of obtaining the remaining three spots; only one point separates Sth Peninsula, Dandenong (3), Bendigo and Werribee.

18 VJL3 the top three look comfortable and then there are four teams in the mix for the last two spots; only one point separates Waverley (2), Mc Kinnon, Eltham (3) and Whittlesea.

18 VJL4 Only the top two teams are happy in this section they will play finals but the remaining positions are all up for grabs with seven of the eight teams all still a realistic hope of playing in the finals.

20 VJL 1 hard to see the top five changing, 20 VJL2 the top 4 are secure and 5th place is open for the taking with Corio Bay, Sunbury & Mc Kinnon the teams in the hunt.

20 VJL3 the top four teams look to be entrenched, however 5th place is going to be very interesting with no less than five teams Waverley, Altona, Sherbrooke, Coburg and Melton all seeking that elusive 5th place.

20 VJL 4 Pakenham (2) and Keysborough will hold the top two spots, Broadmeadows and Bellarine with battle it out for the double chance and Chelsea and Bacchus Marsh will be hoping to snare 5th spot on the ladder, currently level on points.

20 VJL5 top five should not change although Doncaster is mathematically a slim chance if scores fell their way.



Regional Girls

12 N1 the top four look to be safe, interest for the double chance between Dia Valley (4) and Collingwood (2) Ivanhoe/Darebin and Bulleen (4) will fight out 5th place.

12 N2 top five will not change however, positions may.

12 N3 top three teams are in for finals action with the last 2 spots still up for the taking, only one point separates Eltham (5), Eltham (6), Coburg and Bellarine (2).

12 E1 The top 4 teams are pretty tight with only one point between them so the remaining two games will be crucial to determine positions, Casey (2) are currently 5th just ahead of Frankston (5).

12 E2 Pakenham and Knox (4) will hold the top two spots one of the following 4 teams will be unlucky and miss out on finals Casey (4), Frankston (4), Kilsyth (4) and Pakenham (2).

12 C/E3 hard to see the top 4 altering but the remaining 5th place is very interesting with Knox (6), Nunawading (5) & Bulleen (5) all hopeful only one point between them with two games to go. 12 S3 Western Port (2) and Mornington (2) will battle it out for 5th place top 4 teams being settled.

14 N1 hard to see the top five changing, Whittlesea are a slim chance but would need luck to topple currently 5th placed Eltham (3).

14 N2 top 4 teams are safe positions may vary; Corio Bay and Dia Valley (5) will fight out 5th place.

14 N3 looks as though the top five will not change but positions will.

14 N/C4 the top four look to be safe then there are three teams all in contention for 5th spot Camberwell (5), Westgate and Altona (3).

14 E1 top five cemented. 14 E2 top three teams are secure then there are five teams looking to get into the two remaining positions only 2 points separate Sth Peninsula (2), Dandenong (5), Camberwell (3), Waverley (3) and Western Port (2). 14 E3 Mc Kinnon (4) and Sherbrooke will have the double with Waverley (4), Sandringham (4), Camberwell (4) and Warrandyte all still in the mix for the double chance but one will miss out on finals.

14 E4 top 5 teams will not change, positions will as teams are very tight on points. 16 N1 only Melbourne (4) is safe for the finals and will finish top then the battle begins with the next seven teams all still in the fight for the finals only 3 points separates 2nd placed Dia Valley (4) with 8th placed Bacchus Marsh. Melbourne (5), Geelong (2), Eltham (4), Collingwood (2) and Keilor (4) are the other five teams between them.

16 N2 Altona (2), Melton and Bulleen (5) will all be seeking the fifth spot with the other 4 places already taken.

16 N3 similar to section 2 Sunbury (2), Wallan & Corio Bay are striving for 5th place with the other four spots secured.

16 E1 top five looks set with Camberwell (2) the only mathematically chance of sneaking in.

16 E2 Mornington (2), Casey (2) and Dandenong (5) will battle it out for 5th place other placing settled.

16 E3 top three teams are safe but the log jam for 4th and 5th is between Waverley (3), Sherbrooke, Pakenham (2), Mornington (3) and Port Phillip.

18R1 Werribee (2) and Warrandyte (2) are the two teams in contention for 5th spot the top four teams look to be settled.

18 R2 Port Phillip and Coburg will finish first and second respectively and then there are five teams fighting it out for the last three positions in the five them being Geelong (3), Western Port (2), Mc Kinnon (2), Mornington (2) and Corio Bay, going to be some disappointment here.

Have Players QUALIFIED?

You can check on the website by following the process below to find out how many games each player has played. Please remember that usually the previous round has not been recorded until late in the week as some scoresheets arrive and are processed. If players who expect they are qualified have not done so, it may because they have failed to sign the back of the sheet on occasions.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to VJBL Website and Click on ‘Your Team’ in Fixtures or Results
  2. Click on ‘Team Stats’

You should now have the qualified players in your team



If two teams finish equal on points at the end of the season, it is the result of the games between those teams which count, win/loss first, margins second.


Game 1.      A 42 def B 37

Game 2.      B 38 def A 23

Games are equal, but B wins because of the greater point margin of their win.


If three teams finish equal on points at the end of the season the same principles apply.



A 37 def B 18                 B 28 def A 27

C 33 def A 31                C 46 def A 40

B 30 def C 27                C 36 def B 32

C has 3 Wins (1st)       B has 2 Wins (2nd)     A has 1 Win (3rd)

A’s good percentage is irrelevant unless A & B finished with same number of wins in games concerned.


Melb Utd. VJBL Grand Finals


Grand Finals will be held on the following dates:

VJL 1-5 Grand Finals (Evening) Friday 15th September 2017

Regional North West Grand Finals (Evening) Saturday 16th September 2017

Regional East Grand Finals (Day) Sunday 17th September 2017

Vic Championship Grand Finals (Evening) Friday 22nd September 2017


*Some Regional Section Grand Finals 18 Boys & Girls and some Central Sections may be inline with the East Grand Finals Sunday 17th September depending on teams making Grand Final. These will be confirmed with associations closer to the date of the Grand Finals.


Finals Format

VC & VCR Top Eight, VJL & Regional Top 5 (except 14 Boys Reg Nth/Cent 7 Top 8)

Top Eight

Wk 1 Qtr Finals          Wk 2 Semi Finals     Wk 3 Prelim Finals      Wk4 Grand Final
1st v 4th Loser (A) v Winner (C) Winner (A) v Winner (F) Winner (G) v Winner (H)
2nd v 3rd Loser (B) v Winner (D) Winner (B) v Winner (E)
5th v 8th
6th v 7th




  Top5 Finals        Wk 2 Semi Finals      Wk 3 Prelim Finals       Wk 4 Grand Final
2nd v 3rd (c) 1st v Winner (A) (e) Loser (C) v Winner (D) Winner (C) v Winner (E)
4th v 5th (Elim) (d) Loser (A) v Winner   (B)





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