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  • NO ZONE CLINICS 2015/16 Season

    The Under 12 and Under 14 No Zone Coaches Clinics will be held on -

    Thursday 12th November Eltham...

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    2015 Club Championship Wrap

    Victorian teams have walked away from the U14 Club Championships with plenty of success with three...

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    Grand Final Results and MVP


    The MUVJBL 2014/15 season has just wrapped up with the conclusion of the Victorian Championship...

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    Dont forget to download the MUVJBL App!

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    The MUVJBL will be live streaming a hand full of Grand Finals over the weekend. Games that will be...

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    Expression of Interest for Zone Busters

    The MUVJBL is in the process of finalizing the list of people interested in becoming a regular Zone...

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