PlayHQ Project Update – 12 May 2021

The following is an update on the PlayHQ project, plus recently added functionality, development releases and a new Basketball Victoria Online Help Centre.

PlayHQ Project Update
It has been just over 18 months since Yarram, the first Victorian basketball association, started using to PlayHQ for its 2019/20 summer season. Now with the roll-out across the state complete and all active associations and clubs successfully onboarded, let’s look back at the journey so far and ahead to what’s in store for PlayHQ.

Basketball Victoria’s member associations across the state voted in 2017 to align all of Victorian basketball with a new individual registration process. To help implement this process and create a better user experience,  we decided to partner with experienced sports consultants to create a new registration and competition management system, built from the ground up.

Our previous supplier – SportsTG, which had served the sport well for a number of years, no longer met the expectations and needs of the sport in regard to innovation and support levels. This resulted in a deteriorating experience for our administrators and participants and made it more difficult to use the system going forward. We needed to ensure that everyone, including Basketball Victoria, all the associations, clubs and participants, had a modern solution that met the legal and technical requirements regarding privacy and data.

In partnership with local sports digital agency Codeware, PlayHQ was born and Basketball Victoria would be its foundation client. We worked closely with PlayHQ to ensure the sport’s requirements would be met and that it would provide an exceptional experience for participants, coaches, families and administrators alike.

The development and early testing of the platform pilot was successful, so once further essential functionality such as electronic scoring, clubs and registration supplements was built, the statewide roll-out of the platform commenced from Autumn 2020.

There was an immediate need to roll-out PlayHQ as soon as possible, despite the system still being built out. There were significant risks to the sport, including potential imminent changes and some discontinued functionality of the SportsTG platform, so it was essential to move our registration and competition management system to PlayHQ to avoid the community having to go through multiple major disruptions.

Throughout the 2020 lockdowns and suspension of basketball due to COVID-19, PlayHQ continued to build to enhance the platform, deliver major modules such as fixture upload, tournaments, transfers and programs, as well as other enhancements to existing functionality.

Where are we now?
We now have everyone in Victoria on the one system. So far, PlayHQ has processed over 417,000 unique registrations in Victoria since it began and averages over 7,000 electronically-scored games weekly. PlayHQ’s functionality has impressed a number of major Australian sporting bodies such as the AFL, Cricket Australia and Netball Australia, who have all signed on as clients. Basketball Tasmania has also recently come on board with other state basketball bodies in discussions with PlayHQ.

These additional clients provide real benefits to basketball in Victoria with additional funding supporting the growth and delivery of PlayHQ, plus overarching functionality for parents and participants alike, who will be able to manage their experience across multiple sports under the one account. Basketball Victoria still maintains its own ‘instance’ (version) of the system and is in control of delivery of ongoing requirements for basketball.

In only a short period of time, Victorian basketball has a platform with a clean advertising-free interface, easy-to-use assisted navigation for administrators, a one-stop shop for clubs/associations and a holistic platform that everyone across the state is using.

Despite the success of our PlayHQ journey so far, we are very aware that there is still more work to be done. However, it is important to view where we are at with the context that this is a platform that’s been built from the ground up and we’ll continue to see regular releases of features and functionality in coming months and indeed years, to further meet the needs of basketball.

Basketball Victoria would like to thank our hardworking association and club administrators for their efforts, patience and flexibility as the platform is built out. We are confident that we are on the right track and will continue to expand our efforts to create and deliver the best possible experience for all PlayHQ administrators and users.

PlayHQ has grown to over 75 staff members and have some exciting innovations on the horizon. We have a fantastic working relationship with PlayHQ, which holds us in good stead as the platform continues to be built out.


Recent major platform releases include:

Other functionality currently in development:

  • Statewide suspension management
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Team management
  • Season statistics
  • Buy now, pay later (instalments)
  • Plus, other registration and competition management enhancements

For more information on the releases please visit the PlayHQ Help Centre and review the ‘Release Notes’.

New Basketball Victoria Help Centre
To improve our support levels for clubs, associations, players, and parents using PlayHQ, we have transitioned away from PlayHQs support platform and launched a new Basketball Victoria specific support platform. This will help us better manage support requests efficiently and in a timely manner.

For any questions, concerns, or feedback regarding PlayHQ, users will now be directed to submit a support request via BV’s Request Form which will then be reviewed and responded to directly by the BV Digital Support team.

Please find below some useful links to the relevant support sites and support request forms:

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