Learn to Play with Tiff from This Girl Can – Victoria

Grab a basketball, chuck on some tunes and let’s workout with Tiff from This Girl Can Victoria

This Girl Can – Victoria celebrates and supports Victorian women to embrace physical activity in a way that suits you. Whether it’s a little or a lot, what matters is getting some movement into your day.

While many of us know that exercising is important for our physical and mental health, that doesn’t change the fact that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week.

That’s where This Girl Can comes in! This Girl Can – Victoria is an empowering campaign from VicHealth that inspires women to get active – however, wherever and whenever they choose, without being judged.

There are so many ways to get active, including basketball! Someone who knows all about this is Tiff, an ambassador for This Girl Can – Victoria. 

Tiff plays basketball for the social connection as well as the physical activity. As a gay woman on a diverse team, Tiff always feels included.

“Playing basketball you have five people on a team,” Tiff said. “So that’s at least four other friends. We break the gender barrier, so there’s non-binary, there’s trans and it doesn’t matter – we’re all human we all crave love and affection.”

“It’s not always about winning, it’s about how you feel inside,” Tiff said.

Teaming up with Basketball Victoria, Tiff wants to share her love of basketball with you. In doing so, she has four videos showing you a variety of ways you can stay active with basketball.

Included in the series is a Home Workout and some tips for anyone to learn about passing, dribbling and shooting for basketball.

These videos are for EVERYONE! It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or if you’ve never picked up a basketball in your life! Settle in with Tiff and let’s get active!









This is all about you having fun and keeping active!

Find out more about Vic Health’s This Girl Can campaign today!


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