Added Player Application Form

If an association wishes to register any player with a team for more than one round during the Championship Phase of the season, and that player has not played for that team in any grading games, an application must be made by the association on the added player form.

View the Added Player Application Form

Clearance and Permission to Train Forms

How to request a clearance

Players looking to move from one VJBL association to another must first obtain a clearance. Use the league-specific clearance forms.

Section 1:
Needs to be completed by the player who is obtaining the clearance. Once completed save a copy of the form and it will prompt the form to be emailed to the players email account. The player will then email the form to the association contact to complete Section 2. (please contact your association for the correct email address)

Section 2:
The association contact will, complete all details in Section 2 and press save. This will email the document back to the players email address, for them to complete section 3.

Section 3:
The payment section is to be completed by the player and once completed will be processed by Basketball Victoria.

Clearance List:
The VJBL will send out a clearance list at 3pm, each Friday and players who appear on the list will then be eligible to participate in that Friday nights games.

Apply for a VJBL Clearance

Online Clearance List (Confirmations)

Permission to Train Application

Players wishing to obtain ‘Permission to Train’ at another association must contact their current association.

Your current association contact will then email the association you are wishing to train with, you will be cc’d in on the email.  

Associations will have 3 business days to send the email due to Association staff working on limited hours or the contact being a volunteer.

The email will state how long you are eligible to train for with a minimum of 14 days.

If you haven’t received a response within 3 business days, please call the emergency phone 0430 541 847

Working With Children Check Form

Click here to apply for a Working With Children’s Check

No Zone Report Form

The No Zone Report form is only to be completed and sent to the VJBL by the association ‘No Zone Contact’ if they believe a zone has been played in any U12 or U14 VJBL game.

Download the No Zone Report Form (PDF 26 KB)

Playing Above Age Consent Form (PDF)