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Emergency VJBL Contact (Friday nights only)

P: 0430 541 847

No Zone Video Tutorial – 2018 Update

No Zone Report Form

The No Zone Report form is only to be completed and sent to the VJBL by the association ‘No Zone Contact’ if they believe a zone has been played in any U12 or U14 VJBL game.

Download the No Zone Report Form (PDF 26 KB)

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is designed to help parents understand the VJBL by explaining age grouping, entry fees, team sheets, intervenue passes, finals qualification, clearances, scoring and timing rules.

Download the Parent Handbook (PDF 122 KB)

Player Application Form

If an association wishes to register any player with a team for more than one round during the Championship Phase of the season, and that player has not played for that team in any grading games, an application must be made by the association on the added player form.

Download the Player Application Form (PDF 35.3 KB)

Victorian Championship (VJC) Timing Rules

The VC Timing Rules are for teams participating in Victorian Championship competitions and are different to the Victorian Junior League (VJL) and Regional timing.

Download the Victorian Junior Championship Timing Rules (PDF 127 KB)

Victorian Junior League (VJL) and Regional Timing Rules

The VJL and Regional Timing Rules are for teams participating in either VJL or Regional competitions and are different to the Victorian Championship timing rules.

Download the VJL and Regional Timing Rules (PDF 125 KB)

Venue List

The Venue List provides addresses for all association venues. The information on this list has been provided directly from the associations.

Download  the Venue List (PDF 21KB)

Uniform Contrast List

The Uniform Contrast List will help when there is a clash of the nominated primary coloured uniforms. This will allow the home team (or first named team when both teams are fixtured away) to know when they must change uniforms prior to arriving at the venue.

Download the Uniform Contrast List (PDF 282 KB)

Emergency VJBL contact number: 0430 541 847