MUVJBL NEWSLETTER No.19 – 31st August


Round 18 VC & VJL & Regional Finals 1st Round

Vic Championship

Has completed their last round and now they get ready to start their finals campaign. There were some interesting results that altered ladder positions in most sections and age groups. In the 12 VC Boys Melbourne stayed in the eight with 3 point win over Knox, in the 14 VC Boys Melbourne were again lucky losing to Werribee but were able to cling on to 8th spot, Eltham (5th) had a 2 point win over top team Dandenong but were unable to secure the double chance. In the 16 VC Boys Melbourne & Keilor finished top well ahead of the rest, both won 17 games for the season and drawing their only meeting. In the 18 VC Boys Bulleen (9th) just missed the finals losing by only 2 points to second placed Diamond Valley.

In the 12 VC Girls Werribee and Mc Kinnon both missed a vital chance of playing finals losing their last games of the season. The 14 VC Girls saw Melbourne just miss out on the finals losing their last game by 1 point. In the 16 VC Girls Latrobe clung on to 8th place with solid win over Southern Peninsula. The 18 VC Girls we saw a team in VC go through the season undefeated in Bellarine; Eltham & Altona were equal on points for a place in the eight with the head to head results favouring the Gators. In the 20 VC men’s Keilor missed the top five on head to head not falling their way. In the 20 VC women’s Sunbury went through the season also not dropping a game they finished well ahead of their rivals.


VJL Finals

In the 12 Girls all eight games were decided by 10 points or less, the 12 Boys saw two 1 point games and a two point game. The 14 Girls VJL2 was the close section with a three and 5 point game. In the 14 Boys all bar a couple of games, wins were decisive! 16 Girls three games decided by less than seven points the rest were just in double figures, in the 16 Boys seven games were less than 8 point margins. The 18 Girls four games where the margin was less than 6 points, 18 Boys had four games fewer than seven points with the other four games around the 16 point margin. In the 20 Women’s both games were decisive and in the 20 Men’s four games that were really tight and four double digit margins.


Regional Finals

In the 12 Boys 16 of the 20 games were decided by under 10 points, North 3 had 2 four point games. The 12 Girls was completely different with only five games below the eight point margin. In the 14 Boys nearly all games were around the 10 point margin with a couple of sections North 2 and East 3 having the closest games. The 14 Girls provided the closest games of all age groups with 14 games under nine points and only two games with over 10 points, East 2 had two and three point games. 16 Girls half the games were less than 7 points with a couple of blowouts as well. 16 Boys had 18 games where the margin was less than 9 points North 1 was the closest section with a one point and three point games. The 18 Boys was topsy turvy with the higher sections all very close games and the bottom sections a bit one sided. 18 Girls only the four games with the average winning margin 13 points.


The total number of ties this season now stands at 385 this equates to 22 each week.




Lead up Finals – The maximum number of players names listed on the scoresheet for U12-16 age groups is limited to twelve (12) of which ten (10) are permitted to play. These ten (10) players only, must be nominated before the game.

Teams in the U18 and U20 MUVJBL Competitions can list and play a maximum of 12 players.


All Age Groups are permitted to play up to Twelve (12) qualified players in the Grand Final


Timing Rules for all Finals and Grand Finals (VJL & Regional)

Timing rules for all Finals and Grand Finals remain the same as the regular season with the addition of the following: If scores are level at the end of the game, an extra five (5) minutes will be played after a one minute break to achieve a result. All fouls stand. One (1) time out for each team is allowed per extra time period. The clock will stop on all whistles in the last three minutes of extra time. Any subsequent extra periods will follow the same rules to achieve a result.


ZONE BUSTERS                                                                                                                              Be aware that ZONE BUSTERS will be out in force during the all of the MUVJBL Lead up Finals & Grand-Finals to monitor all U/12’s & U/14’s games.


Have Players QUALIFIED?

You can check on the Website by following the process below to find out how many games each player has played. Please remember that usually the previous round has not been recorded until late in the week as some scoresheets arrive and are processed. If players who expect they are qualified have not done so, it may because they have failed to sign the back of the sheet on occasions.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to VJBL Website and Click on Your Team in Fixtures or Results
  2. Click on Team Stats.

You should now have the list of Players in your team and the number of games played.



If any team believes the list of qualified players is incomplete, first you must check with MUVJBL on the Emergency number 0430 541 847. If there is still an issue, player may be added to the scoresheet at the teams own risk. If the player is not qualified the team will lose the game if they won, and fined if they lost.



VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIP – Dandenong and SBC – Friday evening 22nd September

VJL – Dandenong, Eltham and Keilor – Friday evening 15th September

REGIONAL NW – Werribee – Saturday evening 16th September

REGIONAL EAST – Blackburn, Nunawading, SBC and Waverley – Sunday 17th September

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