MUVJBL Newsletter 18 – 24 August

MUVJBL Newsletter 18 – 24 August

VC, VJL & Regional Round 18 (Rd 8 VC)

It is that time of the year again with the Finals commencing in all the VJL and Regional Competitions this Friday night, (VC will begin next week rd.9 still to be played). In round 18 there were a number of sections that had close games to finalise the season, 14VJL3 Boys had two tied matches, in the U/16 Regional Girls N2 had two 2 point games a tie and a three point game, N3 had three one point and a 5 point game, E3 there was a one point game, a tie, two 2 point games and a five point game. In the 16 VCR Girls four games less than 6 points including a draw. The total number of ties this season now stands at 381 this equates to 22 each week.




Lead up Finals – The maximum number of players names listed on the scoresheet for U12-16 age groups is limited to twelve (12) of which ten (10) are permitted to play. These ten (10) players only, must be nominated before the game.

Teams in the U18 and U20 MUVJBL Competitions can list and play a maximum of 12 players.


All Age Groups are permitted to play up to Twelve (12) qualified players in the Grand Final


Timing Rules for all Finals and Grand Finals (VJL & Regional)

Timing rules for all Finals and Grand Finals remain the same as the regular season with the addition of the following: If scores are level at the end of the game, an extra five (5) minutes will be played after a one minute break to achieve a result. All fouls stand. One (1) time out for each team is allowed per extra time period. The clock will stop on all whistles in the last three minutes of extra time. Any subsequent extra periods will follow the same rules to achieve a result.


ZONE BUSTERS                                                                                                                              Be aware that ZONE BUSTERS will be out in force during the all of the MUVJBL Lead up Finals & Grand-Finals to monitor all U/12’s & U/14’s games.



If any team believes the list of qualified players is incomplete, first you must check with MUVJBL on the Emergency number 0430 541 847. If there is still an issue, player may be added to the scoresheet at the teams own risk. If the player is not qualified the team will lose the game if they won, and fined if they lost.



VICTORIAN CHAMPIONSHIP – Dandenong and SBC – Friday evening 22nd September

VJL – Dandenong, Eltham and Keilor – Friday evening 15th September

REGIONAL NW – Werribee – Saturday evening 16th September

REGIONAL EAST – Blackburn, Nunawading, SBC and Waverley – Sunday 17th September




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