Melb Utd. VJBL Whiteboard Wisdom – 5 August

From our first time on court all the way through to coaching the next generation, the whiteboard tells the story of basketball.

With each play scribbled on there by coaches around the country, the whiteboard has painted a picture of what it takes to get out there and mix it with the best.

Melbourne United Victorian Junior Basketball League (Melb Utd. VJBL) has taken it to the next level leading into finals as we head around the venues each Friday night to ask the big questions and put our spin on ‘Whiteboard Wisdom’.

This week we kept it simple – what do you love most about basketball?

Whiteboard wisdom was taken to Dandenong and Frankston basketball stadiums on Friday to find out what the players and support staff believed was the best thing about our great game.

It started with Tanaya, one of the Dandenong Girls VJL Three players who loves “Playing With Friends”.


Next was the rampage of Frankston Victorian Junior League 2 under-12s who had a million and one answers to the great question. Might be a little hard to read as they wanted to get everything in there. Jazzy loves “Shooting! Dribbling! Passing!” Shaylea loves “Everything e.g. – Defence, Friends”. Madison D. thought “Winning! Offence!” were her great loves while Anya thought “It’s fun!”.

Jazzy, Shaylea, Madison. D, Anya

We found one of the VJBL’s great “Zone Busters” roaming the Dandenong back courts next and asked Charlie what he loved over his years associated with the sport “Watching The Kids Play”.


Chad, one of the Rangers VJL 1 under-12s kept his answer as big and bold as his massive smile. “Fun!”


Fresh from his match for Hawthorn Magic’s under-12s fifth team, Jackson loved to hustle his opponents and keep his side alive with great “Defence!”


At this stage the photographer smartly bought a bigger whiteboard marker and headed down the road to Frankston to see what the baysiders thought of the great question.

Casey Cavaliers under-12s seventh team maestro Chris loved the analytical side of basketball. “I like how it’s got lots of tactics.”


And last, but by no means least, Camerwell under-14s fourth team tall Tom harkened back to our opening remarks. “Friends”.



Are you keen to get your association part of Whiteboard Wisdom or have any other great Melb Utd. VJBL news from Friday night? Send Jarrod an email at

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