Competition Information

2017/18 Melb Utd. VJBL Calendar

Download the 2017/18 Season Calendar

Junior Representative Commission Charter

The Commission Charter outlines the way in which the junior representative competition (Melb Utd. VJBL) is managed.

Download the Junior Representative Commission CharterDandyedit (PDF 198 KB)


Rules of Operation

The Melb Utd. VJBL Competition is governed by the Rules of Operation that have been developed and approved by the JRC Commission over the past 30 years.

Download the Rules of Operation (PDF 544 KB)


Association Condition of Entry

Any new association or an association that didn’t participate in the previous Championship season (a re-applying association) that seeks entry into the Melb Utd. VJBL must have the necessary support structure that will allow it to grow and become an active contributor to the Melb Utd. VJBL and basketball in Victoria.

Download the Association Conditions of Entry (PDF 343 KB)